3 Reel Slots

Slot machines have enjoyed by millions of players all over the world ever since their invention some 150 years ago. In the 1990’s slot machines transited onto the online arena with the emergence of online casinos and quickly became the most popular casino game.

Nowadays there are many different types of slots to choose from but many slot players still prefer the classic 3-reel slots as they are uncomplicated and easy to learn. Within the 3 reel slots category there are several sub-categories of 3 reels slots. We have rounded up for you the best online 3 reel slot games in the table below:

# Slots Name Reels Lines Software Jackpot Wild Free spin Play Now! review
4 Break da Bank 3 5 60,000 Play Now!
5 Bulls Eye 3 1 5,000 Play Now!
6 Jackpot 6000 3 5 6,000 Play Now!
7 Mega Joker 3 5 Progressive Play Now!

3 reel slots are considered to be classic slots because the first slot machine ever invented back at the end of the 19th century was in fact a 3 reel slot with a single payline. They are enjoyed by players young and old from all over the world that appreciate a fun, exciting and simple game that offers big potential rewards for a very small wager.

Currently there are thousands of online 3 reel slots that can be played at online casinos using downloadable casino software or by playing a browser-based flash game that does not require any download. The classic slots offered fall into three main categories:

Classic 3-Reel Slot Machine Games

The most common type of slots with 3 reels and a single payline. All casinos offer at least a handful of classic 3-reel slots. The game is played by making a bet and then spinning the reels. The outcome of the spin determines whether you are a winner or a loser.

There is a fixed pay table associated with the slot machine so players are able to check exactly which win payouts are associated with each symbol combination. The game does not require any skill or prior knowledge which makes it ideal for anyone who never played slots before.

3-Reel Slot Machine with Bonus Round

In recent years many casinos introduced classic 3-reel slots that offered an added bonus round. The game starts as normal where you make a bet and spin the reels. When a certain combination of symbols appears the bonus game gets triggered at no extra cost and provides the player with a greater chance to win.

Bonus rounds were added to slots with 3 reels after operators noticed the meteoric rise in popularity of video slots that became very popular with players due to their bonus round and free spins features, which provide players with more play for less pay.

3-Reel Slot Machine with Multi-Lines

Multi-lined slot machines became very popular in recent years and although most people usually associate them with complicated video slot machines, there are many 3 reel slots that offer more than one payline. Often they would offer 3 paylines or 5 paylines.

Multiline 3 reels slots are played exactly as single line slots. The only difference is that when you play multiline slots you have a better chance of winning because you have the potential of hitting several different winning symbol combinations at the same time.