Play Classic Slots

Slot games are the easiest and most fun of all the casino games. Games of slots are divided into two main categories; classic slots and video slots. Classic slots are three reel based slots that in the old days used to be operated by a lever. Nowadays in land casinos newer classic slot machines come with buttons but still have a side lever for those who are interested in playing 'old style'.

# Slots Name Reels Lines Software Jackpot Wild Free spin Play Now! review
4 Break da Bank 3 5 60,000 Play Now!
5 Bulls Eye 3 1 5,000 Play Now!
6 Jackpot 6000 3 5 6,000 Play Now!
7 Mega Joker 3 5 Progressive Play Now!

Classic slots tend to have one to five paylines and come in a variety of themes. Some players consider classic slots too simple of a game but many slot players love them precisely for their simplicity.

The other type of slots is video slots that operate on a 3x5 video screen and offer from nine up to thirty pay lines. Video slots usually offer additional bonus games and different payout possibilities.

Classic slots were originally developed in the US and were tried out in bars, brothels and saloons. The first slot machines did not have an automated payout mechanism and winning combinations would win players free drinks or cigars

Later on they were placed in Las Vegas casinos as entertainment for the wives and girlfriends of gamblers so that those can spend more hassle-free time at the gambling tables and spend more money doing so.

The casinos did not expect them to become popular and most certainly did not view them as a potential source of income. However, very quickly the casino owners noticed that the ladies enjoyed playing them and spending more and more money doing so.

Over time more serious gamblers were taken in by the allure of the slot machine as the machines were noisy and had flashing bright lights. The combination of not needing skills to play the game, that made the game accessible to all players, and the chance for a big reward for a small investment have quickly got the word around about this new modern gambling game and have propelled slot machine into one of the top five internationally-loved gambling games.