Online Slots for High Rollers

Many people think that gamblers who gamble big usually play classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack or baccarat. For some reason a misconception exists that makes many people think that slot machines are a game for low rollers who like making small bets.

However, the truth is that slot machines and especially online slots tend to draw different kinds of players. Usually slot players can be divided into three types of categories: low rollers, mid rollers and high rollers.

What is a High Roller?

A typical high roller would be a person who visits the casino regularly and tends to spend a lot of money gambling. This type of player will usually spend a lot of money on gambling and make big bets on every spin.

A high roller tends to start playing a casino game with a very big bankroll. This player is willing to invest big in order to increase their chances of winning big. They are not bothered by small wins and prefer to focus their efforts on hitting top jackpots and big progressive jackpots.

What are Online Slots for High Rollers?

Online slots tend to offer different betting structures. This means that several different types of online slot players can play the same game but each player will make differently sized bets while playing it. This is especially true when you play video slots that tend to offer different betting levels and coin sizes.

So which online slots count as slots for high rollers? The answer is very simple: any online slot game that enables the player to make bets of at least $50 per spin (when playing on all the paylines). Most online slots high rollers will opt to play games that offer them bets of $100 up to $5000 per spin.

High Rollers & Slots Variance

Since most high rollers care about the big jackpots it is crucial that they play mainly high variance online slots because these types of slots are the ones that tend to generate mainly big wins. The small wins happen less often in these games and the big jackpots are not hit often, but when they are hit they offer amazing jackpots often reaching the millions.

Mid variance slots can also suit some high rollers. However, they would encounter more small wins and few big wins on such slot games.

The best way to discover the variance of a slot machine is to play it for a while. This way you can see if it produces many small wins. In such a case the slot game is probably one of low variance and therefore should be avoided by high rollers.

Are you a High Roller?

How will you determine if you are a high roller? Well, like most things in life it comes down to money. If you have a high disposable income then you can afford to allocate more money for playing online slots than most people. However, it is not just a question of how much money you have.

The really big question is what type of online slots player you are? Do you like taking risks if the reward offered is high enough? Do you enjoy challenges that most people shy away from? And are you willing to lose a lot of money in case you do not win?

A player that answers “yes” to the above questions might just have what it takes to be an online slots high roller. However, if the main thing that appeals to you in slot machines is the game design, or if you play online slots because it’s a bit of entertainment which passes the time then you are definitely not a high roller and you should stick to making minimum bets when playing slots and stay away from high variance slots.

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