Gambling Machines History

Playing slots online is a fun experience that enables players to escape their everyday lives by playing games that are well designed, come in a variety of themes and offer the chance to win big sums of money.

Slot Machine History

The slot machine was invented by Charles Fey towards the end of the 19th century. His machine was a primitive device that was unable to make automatic payouts. This slot machine was called Liberty Bell and by the beginning of the 20th century different manufacturers started making similar machines as Charles Fey refused to provide distribution rights for his machine.

The “Bell” machines gained popularity very quickly and was placed in many saloons, brothels, barber shops, cigar stores and bowling alleys. None of these machines were able to make automatic payouts. The first fully automated machine was not invented until the early 1960’s and the first video slot machine was invented in 1978.

The land casino industry first adopted slot machines as a means for entertaining the ladies while their husbands gambled. They did not expect the machines to be profitable for the casino itself, however they quickly discovered the profits they can generate from slot machines and expanded the area of the casino floor dedicated to slot machines.

Accessing Slot Machines

For many years players had to travel to land casinos or slot parlors in order to be able to play their favorite game. For many around the world that meant taking an international journey as the country they lived in did not offer land casinos.

This made playing slots an expensive hobby as a lot of money was required for covering traveling and accommodation costs. This all changed with the emergence of the internet.

The Internet Revolution

The 1990’s brought with them a great public awareness to this new medium called the internet. Hardware and software development companies started popping all over the place. Computers were made smaller and more affordable which meant that more and more households were able to afford them.

Many different types of businesses quickly realized the advantages of the internet and have set up websites to promote their products and later on to even offer them for sale. Everyday new websites would pop up and people very quickly became accustomed to operating in the virtual world the internet created.

During this time the home-gaming industry was already established for many years and it was only natural for game designers and software developers to look for ways of applying console games to work on home computers using installed software or by accessing internet games.

Online Casinos

Towards the mid 1990’s it became obvious to many programmers and designers that if they can create racing games, adventure games, etc. there is no reason why they cannot create gambling games such as slots, video slots, video poker, roulette and many others.

The first online casino opened its doors to players in 1997 and since then thousands of online casinos were established. Initially the online casino industry operated without any guidelines or regulations, but in recent years more countries have accepted the online casino industry and regulated it.

Online Slots

Slot machines were a big hit with casino goers and the same popularity repeated itself with online slot games. The ever-changing and improving technology has enabled software companies to develop truly exceptional video slot games in various themes.

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