Play Slot games Fruit Cocktail

Many people get confused when they hear the term fruit machines. What they do not realize is that fruit machine is simply the name used in the UK for a slot machine.

Fruit machines are very popular in UK pubs. You will be hard-pushed to find a pub in England, Scotland and Wales that do not have a fruit machine. Even pubs that do not offer pool tables or darts game tend to put a fruit machine in their establishment.

The slot machines in the UK were named fruit machines as the earliest versions used fruits as symbols on the reels. Symbols used were cherries, lemons, watermelons, apples, and many other known fruits. The use of fruits as symbols was due to their vibrant colors that created a clear visual separation between separate symbols.

Some people claim that the fruit symbols were used to create a feel of wholesomeness associated with fruits and have this feeling of wholesomeness generated in people approaching the fruit machine. However these are just unsubstantiated stories, although they do make marketing sense.

The traditional fruit machines are big and bulky and look like old style arcade games. They are fun machines that allow players to hold reels and nudge reels. The pub fruit machine would pay out nicely to winning players and allow a lucky player to treat their mates to a round of drinks using their winnings.

Online fruit machines tend to offer higher payouts for a small investment. This caused a recent spike in interest in online fruit machines. This interest has pushed software companies to develop and design more and more online fruit machines.

The new online fruit machines do not necessarily adhere to the concept of incorporating fruit symbols and many have progressed to more current and elaborate themes. There are TV shows fruit machines such as Deal or No Deal, online fruit machines based on fun board games such as Cluedo and Monopoly.

Play online fruit machines and discover an exciting world of gaming populated by thousands of differently themed fruit machines that offer a thrilling playing experience and big cash prizes for the winner.

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