Random Numbers Generator in Online Slots

Have you ever wondered why a slot machine reel stops on some symbol and not another symbol? Do you wish to understand further the mechanism that controls your favorite casino game? Well, if these things interest you then you ended up in the right place. This article will attempt to demystify the rules that govern online slot machines and online video slots.

Random Numbers Generator

The Random Numbers Generator (RNG) is the heart and soul of every slot machine. Most players understand that there is some computer chip that selects the outcome of every spin but few understand exactly how this mechanism works.

In fact there are many online slots players who believe that slot machines work on some cycle that determines the order in which symbols appear on the reels. This could not be further from the truth. What actually happens is that the machine is controlled by the RNG so players need to know that there is no such thing as a “hot slot machine that is about to hit a big jackpot”.

The RNG is nothing more than a microchip that controls the outcome of every spin. It generates results randomly so that no spin has any bearing on the spin that will follow it. This why there is no such thing as a “hot machine” or “cold machine”. Just because a machine did not pay out for a while does not guarantee it is due to generate a big win, and just because a machine just paid out a big jackpot it does not mean it cannot pay out another big jackpot in the following spin.

How does the Random Numbers Generator Works?

The RNG is a program that sits on a microchip, similar to the way computer programs you use at work or home are installed on your computer. The RNG is programmed to generate numbers that correspond to the symbols that are on the reels of the slot machine.

The RNG starts working as soon as the slot machine lever is pulled or the player presses the “spin” button. It makes no difference if you are playing maximum coins or just the minimum amount of coins allowed. The RNG is programmed to generate numbers randomly so the type of bet you made has no bearing on it. Your bet size will affect the payout you will get for a winning payline but not whether or not the winning payline will be generated.

Let us imagine you are playing a 3-reel and 20 paylines video slot. This means that in total there are 8,000 potential symbol combinations (20 x 20 x 20 = 8,000) and the RNG will operate on the basis of 8,000 potential outcomes. On the other hand if you are playing a 5-reel and 25 paylines video slot the RNG will be programmed to reflect 9,755,625 different symbol combinations (25 x 25 x 25 x 25 x 25 = 9,755,625).

The RNG is in a state of perpetual motion and it keeps working even when the slot game is not being played. This means that playing at 9pm and playing at 2 minutes past 9pm will generate different results as the RNG is constantly working.

Pseudo-Random Numbers Generator

The slot machines and the video machines in most online and land casinos actually do not use RNG technology but instead use what is referred to as Pseudo-Random Numbers Generator (PRNG). The PRNG is a mathematical algorithm that satisfies most of the randomness requirements by usually generating random numbers from 0 to 4 billion. The reason that this algorithm is considered pseudo-random is because it is pre-programmed to operate within given parameters. Once within these parameters its operation is completely random.

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