Learn online Slots - Video Slots vs. Classic Slots

When a player visits the lobby of his favorite casino, they usually see a list of game categories including card games, dice games, arcade games, video poker games and slot games. The slot games category is often further divided into sections of video slots, classic slots and progressive slots. Anyone new to playing slots should understand that each category has its own features that make the games special and it is worth understanding so players can choose the games that are most fun for them to play.

Video Slots

Video slot games are called such since original slots were played in land-based casinos were played on a screen using video format. Video slot games often have 5 reels which offer more ways to win, more paylines and higher jackpots. These video slot games have advanced graphics and many of the graphics are animated with some even taking advantage of the latest digital advancement of 3D animations. To complement this, game designers added realistic audio sound effects and soundtracks. Most video slot games offer bonus features including free spins and bonus games which increase winnings and game excitement. Additionally, these games are often based on sophisticated themes that can be based on anything from the latest movie, comic book or video game to favorite themes such as pirates, cultural icons, popular sports and just about any other popular item.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are based on the land-based casino games that started the slot game craze. They mimic the operation of a classic mechanical slot machine hence the name Classic Slots. They often have 3 reels and only a single payline. Players usually can’t wager multiple coins per line and classic slot games have less complex wagering options but also smaller payouts than their video counterparts. Many classic slot games have bonus jackpots for players wagering the maximum per spin and some of these games even have wild or multiplier icon to help the player win more. There are still graphic and audio features in these games but they are generally simpler and the themes often revolve around casino classic imagery such as 7’s, cherries, bells, bars and monetary symbols.

Progressive Slots

As casino software became more complex, companies began offering progressive slots which offer huge jackpots, often with the winnings being in the 6 or 7 digits. Progressive Slot games are able to have such jackpots because they are all linked internally. This means that any person, from any internet casino, from any country in the world is contributing to the progressive jackpot a small percentage of their wager with every spin they play on the machine. Even after a jackpot has been won these super popular progressive jackpots start climbing into huge totals very quickly.

Internet casinos generally offer both progressive classic slot games and progressive video slot games so the huge winnings are open to slot fans of either variation.

When choosing which slot game to play, people should consider the reasons for their gaming experience and what their budgets allow. Players should remember that in order to win the largest jackpot offered by any game, players must bet the maximum bet. Progressive jackpots pay out less frequently than classic slots or video slots but the payout for the top jackpot is incredible and hard to turn away from! Try out the different slot games and see which option suits you best. In any case, get ready for spinning wheels, winnings and some serious fun.

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